NIH Study Finds Cell Phone/Smart Meter Radiation Causes Brain & Heart Cancers

from Merrymeeting News, Spring 2016

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) under the National Institutes of Health has completed the largest-ever animal (rats and mice) study on non ionizing radiation and cancer. Partial results released on May 26th confirm whole body exposures to low level radio frequency radiation (RFR) of the type emitted by cell phones, smart meters and other wireless devices and within currently allowable safety limits, are the “likely cause” of brain and heart cancers in these animals, according to Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the NTP.

The $25 million dollar study planned since 1999 showed one in twelve (12) male rats (8.3%) developed either malignant cancer (brain and rare heart tumors) or pre-cancerous lesions that can lead to cancer. Tumors called schwannomas were induced in the heart, and in the same kind of brain cells that have led to acoustic neuromas seen in human studies. The NTP says it is important to release these completed findings now given the implications to global health. No cancers occurred in the control group.

Dr. Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD of Sweden’s Orebro University and an expert witness in the Maine Smart Meter Health Investigation says “
(T)he animal study confirms our findings in epidemiological studies of an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma among people that use wireless phones, both cell phones and cordless phones (DECT). Acoustic neuroma is a type of Schwannoma, so interestingly this study confirms findings in humans of increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma. In 2013 we called for upgrading the risk in humans to Group 1, the agent is carcinogenic to humans. It is now time to re-evaluate both the cancer risk
and other potential health effects in humans from radio frequency radiation and also inform the public,” says Hardell. “This NTP evidence is greatly strengthening the evidence of risk, is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent,and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits.”
Dr. Christopher Portier, formerly with the NTP commented this is not just an associated finding—but that the relationship between radiation exposure and cancer is clear.“I would call it a causative study, absolutely. They controlled everything in the study. It’s [the cancer] because of the exposure. This is by far—far and away—the most carefully done cell phone bio assay, a biological assessment. This is a classic study that is done for trying to understand cancers in humans”  More(scroll down to page 4 of Merrymeeting News)

3 thoughts on “NIH Study Finds Cell Phone/Smart Meter Radiation Causes Brain & Heart Cancers

  1. My Public Utility Commissioners who control our power company on the Island of Guam won’t listen, they simply don’t care. The people working for our publicly owned power company feel powerless, they even admit they feel they are being affected too. I suspect the public where I live are feeling too sick and tired and apathetic from exposure to so much RF radiation so they just stay home hoping others will protest for them, but no one else will do it for them.
    The Smart Meter pushers won where I live. It could be commissioners don’t care about our people’s health or simply that they are trying to force our power company to go belly up so they themselves can buy it and privatize it. They certainly have become well off and we can only speculate that they have somehow become shareholders in the Smart Meter supplying companies or were paid off to get so wealthy. Really don’t know what’s going on here, but its deplorable.
    I have paid an opt out fee of about 750 dollars so far not to have a smart meter, but I am still surrounded by at least 8 Smart Meters within 72 feet and 2 cell phone towers within 150 feet, and 3 transformers within 80 feet plus neighbor’s wi fi, and there are power lines going directly over my front yard within my property, just feet away from my bedroom
    I’ve had to leave my home for months to regain my health and memory which wavers when I am living in my home.

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