Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan

By David Sheldon

June 29th, 2016 – We are happy to report that there are even more groups working now to pass House Bill 4916, so that Michigan utility customers can have a choice as to whether to accept a risky new technology on their homes and businesses. The latest such group is Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan (UMC4M), with the new name formalizing an alliance of smart meter activists and groups, based in Oakland County, that has been meeting for over a year now to plan how we can keep moving toward the goal we all share. This alliance recently created a website “My Smart Meter Does What?” * where a highly effective video of the same name is hosted.

LSJ Intro video screenshotThis 1-1/2 minute video is an introduction for people just tuning in to the smart meter controversy. The site also provides supplementary videos for the health and privacy issues and an opportunity for visitors to sign up for updates.

The alliance is led by Pam & Dee of The Smart Meter Legislative Update, David Lonier, Richard Meltzer, and David Sheldon of Michigan Stop Smart Meters.

We believe that having a diversity of groups throughout the state allows greater flexibility and creativity in launching new projects to educate the public and to persuade our legislators. For now, while some of the groups will be working directly at the political level, Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan will be focusing largely on educating the public on smart meters through literature distribution, public lectures and through finding ways to drive more traffic to our smart meter website and video. We believe an educated public will ultimately create the conditions where wavering legislators will act.

Our work is in congruence with the efforts of Michigan Meter Choice Coalition, the Smart Meter Education Network, John and Pauline Holeton, and of John Tatar’s One If By Land. We recognize the enormous contribution that each of these groups and individuals have and are making and we are all truly focused on achieving one end: the passage of House Bill 4916 or similar legislation at the state level.

Our newly named alliance is urging everyone to phone (not email) their state representative, or attend the rep’s coffee hour, and explain to the rep or staff person why meter choice legislation is so necessary right now. Much detailed information on how to go about doing these things may be found at smartmetereducationnetwork.com.

*When typing in address of new website, omit the ? at end.


9 thoughts on “Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan

    • HB 4916 from the 2016 session did not go through because the Energy Committee Chairman was dead set against giving it a hearing. All bills expire at the end of a legislative session. So now we are in a new session and Rep Gary Glenn, who introduced HB 4916 last year, will be re-introducing it soon with a new bill number and possibly some new cosponsors. He is now the Chairman of the new Energy Committee so it appears the bill will get a hearing this time and there may be opportunity for some of us to testify. There is a video of the first meeting of the new Energy Committee elsewhere on this site where you can see that Rep Glenn is committed to this course of action.

    • 1962abc, Our group is not new. We have been meeting and working together for a year now. All that is new is the name. And no, the two groups do not have the same members, though there have been times last fall and earlier this year when the two groups worked together on a joint project. Michigan Meter Choice Coalition is being run by Dominic and Lillian Cusumano of Macomb County. Any inquiry about that group should be directed to them.

  1. Thank you for all that all of you do. I never in a million years would believe that for my safety I would have to guard my analog meter for the last 3 years and that DTE thinks it is ok to have their
    installers yell, scream and threaten me as a homeowner on my own property! That DTE as a monopoly can repeatedly send threatening letters that they can and will turn off my electricity if I do not allow them to install a smart meter and lastly that no government entity will do anything to assist us!

  2. I stopped consumers energy from placing a smart reader on my house by posting a sign below my analog one stating I would not except the smart meter to be installed. I had to pay a 69.99 fee and a 9.00 charge every month. But I don’t have a smart reader. I don’t think the fee was fair but my family’s health is more important.

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