Michigan Meter Choice Coalition

April 16th, 2016 – A new smart meter umbrella group has been organized to pool our resources in the fight to get Michigan House Bill 4916 passed. The new coalition is urging everyone to phone (not email) their state representative and explain to the rep or staff person why meter choice legislation is so necessary right now.

The new coalition has also launched a new website: mysmartmeterdoeswhat.com

The new siteLSJ Intro video screenshot provides a very brief introductory video for people just tuning in to the smart meter controversy. In addition it provides supplementary videos for the health and privacy issues and an opportunity for visitors to sign up to receive updates.


4 thoughts on “Michigan Meter Choice Coalition

    • Michigan Meter Choice Coalition is an ad hoc group of smart meter leaders, currently five, who mutually believe they can work smoothly together to promote a common goal: passage of smart meter legislation. It is a group where decisions are made by consensus. As such it has no “head”. Persons desiring to participate or want more information may contact David Lonier (248) 373-9111, or David Sheldon (248) 604-7545.

  1. Thanks David. I will have a look at the site. Anything that will help making people more aware about this issue is great!

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