Governor Snyder Has Failed Michigan On Three Fronts!

Poisoning of Drinking Water, Schools and Homes
By David Sheldon

There is much in the news about the Flint Water Crisis and rightly so. But the countless individuals and families who have been forced to accept a cancer causing surveillance device in their homes are not being so reported by our major news media. Nor are those who, refusing such a glass of polluted drinking waterhome invasion, have had their electric service cutoff! Even senior citizens dependent on medical machinery! What do a water crisis, a school health crisis and utility crisis have in common? A Michigan Governor we fault, not on partisan grounds, but because of his repeated tendency to make dangerous decisions through surrogates while assuming no responsibility for consequences!

News media following the water crisis are constantly asking the question about our Governor “What did he know and when did he know it?” It seems clear now that he knew for many months that the people of Flint were being poisoned with bad water and did nothing to remedy the situation. At the same time the news media is much reporting the situation with Detroit Public Schools where children are routinely exposed to mold and rats. Both of these crisis scenarios are apparently the result of decisions made by Emergency Managers our Governor appointed to make decisions that arguably should have been made by others closer to the scene, or by others democratically elected.

But there is a third crisis-in-the-making not much reported by our mass media. That is the sickness, breach of privacy and utility shutoffs caused by the so called “smart” electric meter programs. Countless individualsLogo of Liz Barris website and paper and families have had their lives turned upside down. Some by questionable devices forcibly installed on their homes without their informed consent. Other families, who refused these devices, are enduring a severe Michigan winter without electric service. Both DTE and Consumers Energy are doing this with the complicity of the Michigan Public Service Commission, the regulatory body that is supposed to protect utility customers.

The Governor’s hand can be seen in this too as the MPSC consists of commissioners appointed by the Governor who quite apparently are taking their marching orders from the Governor and his hand picked Energy Czar, Valerie Brader. The MPSC will allow no hearing on any of the health or privacy violations of the new utility meters. The Governor’s energy policies are also being advanced by the Chairman of the House Energy Committee, Aric Nesbitt, who refuses to allow any hearing concerning the new utility meters or of any energy legislation not favored by the Governor.

Where is this third crisis-in-the-making taking us? Not only to unjust utility shutoffs but to a future of ruined lives – of people who can no longer live in their own homes and those who have or will contract cancer or neurological illnesses such as Parkinsons disease or dementia. There are 12 members of the Michigan House that have cosponsored legislation to stop this violation of human rights. We think this too will lead once more to the question about our Governor “What did he know and when did he know it?”

17 thoughts on “Governor Snyder Has Failed Michigan On Three Fronts!

  1. Hello. I just found this site and I am very happy I did. I am currently being harassed about having a smart water meter installed in my home. I am being told that it is mandatory and that I cannot opt out. They already came and installed a smart meter for my electric without my consent and I wish I could get rid of that as well. I have regular headaches and so do my children since the installation of that meter!!

    I’m trying to find out what I need to do to stop them from installing this meter and preventing my water from being turned off because of it. I have 4 children and cannot go without water! I would also like to know if there is a way I can get rid of the other smart meter they installed without even asking or even notifying me!!!

    I was also wondering if there is any kind of sample letters I can look at to get an idea of exactly who and what to write to the representatives in my area (Macomb County). I would also like to get involved in getting the word out about this as well. Any help/advice that you can provide me to aid in fighting this tyranny would be greatly appreciated. You can also email me at (sprarah @ gmail (dot) com) Thanks. 🙂

    • Sarah, I wish there were easy answers to the questions you raise. What we need most is a new law that would protect utility customers from all three types of smart meters. There is such a bill pending in the Michigan legislature now, House Bill 4916. It is stuck in the Energy Committee. What you should do is phone the office of your representative in the Michigan House, tell them your problems with smart meters and ask them to support HB 4916.

      But you also have to deal with your own immediate situation. I am assuming you get your water from a city. City governments have the power to pass ordinances that have the force of law. The Public Service Commission regulates private utilities that supply electricity and water, but does not regulate the water utility of any city government. Many city governments are cutting off water supply to those who will not allow a smart water meter. Your choices are (1) give in and allow a smart water meter on your home, (2) learn to live with rain water and bottled water for drinking, or (3) bring a legal action against your city in the circuit court of the county where you live. Such a suit would seek an injunction where the court would order the city not to cut off your water for refusing a smart meter. Your case could also seek an injunction against your electric utility ordering that company to remove the smart electric meter and restore an analog electric meter such as you had before. This will not be an easy case to win but you would be doing a favor to hundreds of other readers of this web site if you decide to be the trail blazer.

      • Hi Dave, I am continuing to read more info from your great page….i saw some of the replies concerning the likelihood of gettting a smart meter removed once it’s installed. Obviously not likely. Also, i see it’s thought that to just install an analog one myself, but yet be prepared to potentially deal with loss of power. However, i did see a couple of people mentioned DTE would reninstall an analog for $69….but my concern is, will it truly be an analog?? and then if so, i have read that the wiring that was set up for the smart meter (or something to that effect) will still cause significant increased dirty emf’s thus you would not see a positive change anyways (which to me does not make sense, i mean if you change out the smart meter, and replace it with an analog, why would there not be a significant improvement in your exposure to toxic emf’s or RF’s (or whatever bad stuff it creates.) Thanks Dave,

      • Hi Dave, I have been severely affected after the installation of an opt out meter. Are there any class action suits that we could join? Would Geoffrey Feiger possibly be interested in taking such a case? This invasion is very serious and needs to be stopped! Thank you, Patti

      • Patti, A class action suit is not yet a realistic possibility. Such suits are very expensive and no attorney will do it unless or until there is a real shot at a big payout. Right now any legal action we bring will not be for big money damages but rather for a court order barring these forced installations. There may soon be a multi=plaintiff suit that you might join seeking such a court order. We will publish news of such a suit when the time comes.

    • Well said and i agree. Thank you for this site and spreading the information ….it is so disturbing how these companies ram something down our throats without fully understanding the risks, or not caring about the risks anyways.

  2. Yes we made a big mistake with our president and our governor. I did not accept the meter and was told I had to pay a fee and pay for my meter reading. 9.95 per month. I have been paying it but now they only read my meter every other time but they still charge for the reading. Just thought you would like to know and watch your bill. Thanks Randy

    • Randy, same thing happened to me with Consumers. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau stating that Consumers was charging me for a service they did not provide. BBB contacted Consumers and the next day i got a call from Consumers trying to get out of it, but I stood firm and told them I’m not paying for something I haven’t received. They credited my account and told me if it happened again to call the rep’s personal number and she would see to it and have someone come out to read my meter.

      • Randy and John, can you guys clarify if you were able to prevent the initial “change out” installation of the smart meter. Randy, based on your email it sounds like you were…for John i can not be sure. My point is, my smart meter has already be installed, i believe 2-3 years ago or so. And i don’t know if that deters them moreso for allowing me to pay for someone to come out and read the meter (and thus they would also, of course, have to come out and re-install the old regular meters.) And then, perhaps most frustrating of all, is i have heard stories where they put in a meter that just looks like an “old style” meter but in fact it is a smart meter anyways!! Just ridiculous. Can you guys or anyone else (Dave) give me your thoughts and insights if you believe that to be true. Thank you all. Larry

      • Larry, I live in an apartment building. I called Consumers BEFORE they came to install smart meters and told them I do not want a smart meter or their so called “opt out” meter and that I wanted to keep my analog meter. They sent me a confirmation letter and I still have my analog. Of course I had to pay their “extortion” fee of $69.39 to keep my analog (a one time charge), and a monthly charge of $9.72 per month to have a meter reader come out to read my meter. There is a page on Consumers web site (it has become increasingly more difficult to find it), that states a customer can notify them that they want to keep their analog meter and if this is done BEFORE the smart meter is installed, you would have to pay the one time fee of $69.39 and the monthly fee of $9.72 to have the meter read. If a customer wishes to opt out AFTER a smart meter has been installed, the fee is $123.91. This sounds to me that a customer can still elect to have an analog meter if you notify Consumers and the appropriate fees are paid. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email is

  3. You state, “The Governor’s energy policies are also being advanced by….Aric Nesbitt, who refuses to allow any hearing…” Do you mean that the cosponsored legislation mentioned in your last paragraph will proceed through proper channels and hopefully become law even though the MPSC will not allow hearings?

    Also, is this group still planning to conduct a mass mailing for educational purposes?

    Is there anyone who is familiar with this “whole house neutralizer”?

    • Lynn, There are still reasonable prospects for our meter choice legislation. The MPSC’s unwillingness to hold hearings does not control the legislature. And last I heard we are still planning to do a mass mailing. We will report more on that on this website when it happens.

      • Henrik, I would not trust either the “Whole House Plug” in the link Lynn provided or the “diode” being offered in the link you provided. Both are highly questionable as they do not suggest any plausible mechanism by which they protect anyone. Your link does, however, contain a lot of apparently accurate information describing smart meters and the harm they can cause.

      • Gosh Dave (and Henrik) …. that is discouraging that you feel both products do nothing. I am not surprised about the “neutralizing” plug but I clicked on Henrik’s link and to me it seems to have some merit but i trust your expertise in this area. If you could, would you also look at the other email i replied to (above, and also todays date) and could you give me your thoughts on the question and concern i mentioned in it. Thank you kindly, Larry

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