Michigan Civil Rights Department Will Hear Smart Meter Complaints!

(Revised 5/9/15)

scales of justiceLois Dennison, a local smart meter protester known to many of us, has suffered greatly because of a ‘smart’ electric meter on her home. She has filed a complaint with the Michigan Civil Rights Department. This claim will be evaluated pursuant to state and federal civil rights law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The agent for Michigan on this has requested that Lois gather a list of other folks who have also experienced health issues or activity limiting issues because of a smart meter, along with phone numbers. If you are a parent with a child having such issues you should also put your name and contact information on this list. If you provide contact information to Lois, it is expected that investigators for the Michigan Civil Rights Department will be contacting you by phone to gather the particulars of your complaint or your child’s complaint. Following such a phone interview you will be sent a complaint form to fill out and have notarized. All this will start your own complaint in the system as well as helping Lois. Having a whole list of complainants in front of a single state agent may help us to get the momentum we need around this issue!

If you live in Michigan, please email Lois your name and phone number and state if you are having health issues because of a smart meter or you have had to limit your activities because of a smart meter. You may also submit your name and contact information if you live in Michigan and have had your power turned off or threatened a shutoff over a smart meter dispute. Email: ladr1925@gmail.com. Or phone Lois at (734) 799-6040. If you live in another state you should contact the civil rights department in that state.
Enforcement Process: Michigan Dept of Civil Rights (MDCR) is an administrative agency with investigative and enforcement authority. The Enforcement Process is defined as all of the tasks performed when a customer interacts with MDCR about a civil rights-related need or concern, including investigation and resolution of complaints of discrimination, outreach and education programs, community relations, and contract compliance.

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