Florida Rolls Out ‘Smart’ Street Lights


April 17th, 2015 – (TruthstreamMedia.com) Despite appearances, the “smart” society was never based on saving energy, saving money or saving the environment.

The real aim has been to control the population and conduct absolute surveillance on the larger herd and even every individual.

Thanks to smart phones, smart meters, smart grids, smart TVs, smart cars and smart appliances, the places you go, the people you contact and all the things you interact with are logged, tracked and analyzed by advanced computer algorithms. Thanks to search engines, the technocrats even believe they known what you’re thinking and what you’ll do next.

Now, the “smart” street lights that record conversations and broadcast government propaganda are actually being rolled out on city streets across America. <More>

7 thoughts on “Florida Rolls Out ‘Smart’ Street Lights

    • I cover my screen while my TV is off especially when sleeping! It may sound paranoid but after my TV flashed a quick white light that lite up the room, I decided to error on the part of safety. It finally dawned on me the rumors I had been hearing might be credible. I use precautions now around all my SMART electronics,taking out my battery etc. I’m putting off buying a new computer. China is refusing to buy electronics from the USA for this very reason.

  1. Its all part of a bigger plan its called ” AGENDA 21 ” look it up! On another note, I live in SE Michigan and most of my neighbors have smart meters, except for me , I have mine secured to the point where they come to change my meter, but when they see it they turn around and leave. I do have a question though, DTE came by to change my meter and said that i needed to opt out if i wanted a meter with the radio turned off, I was not at home but talked to my daughter,he left some flyer and said they would call in 10 days to find out what i have decided.about a 2 yrs. ago i sent DTE a letter declining their OPT OUT program, My question is, If there are still appeals in the court system, Can and will they turn my power off for continued refusal to install a digital meter?

    • Ron, Yes there are at least two appeals still pending which could bear on the the legality of the smart meter program. However, in February, the appeals court handed down a decision approving the MPSC decision with respect to DTE’s opt-out plan. To date DTE has turned off power to a handful of families for refusing a smart meter installation. A handful out of thousands who have refused, so you have a fair chance of avoiding a disconnect in the immediate future. We are planning a legal clinic in the near future if there is enough interest. Please email me if you are interested: fdshel@gmx.com

  2. Farmington HIlls, Michigan is where the inventor is from and he got them put in there first…aren’t we proud of Farmington Hills…frontrunners for technology….hmmm

  3. What the hell can you do? You can’t fight the government. Pretty soon they’ll find a way to put cameras in our homes too. They probably already do on those smart t.v.’s. One can’t get any privacy anywhere nowadays. Bring back the 1970’s! Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 20:59:36 +0000 To: vampyrbyte@live.com

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