How to Get a Doctor’s Letter to Backup a Smart Meter Health Issue

By Dominic and Lillian Cusumano


We are continuing to show our Legislators that the medical conditions are still continuing to grow since they last heard from us at the MPSC House Oversight Committee Hearing on December 2, 2014.
For those that participated, thank you for being pro-active and getting your voices heard on the record, and for the documented health affects and public outcry related to safety caused by smart meters on the record.

The bottom line is we are working to help people recognize and verify that the illnesses that they are experiencing can be directly attributed to smart meters

We are in need of additional medical letters from those individuals who have been adversely affected by the installation of the smart meter.  (Please send your letter(s) to the address shown below)

Many individuals have contacted lawmakers and others, stating they have experienced new “conditions”/illnesses or the exasperation of existing medical problems when exposed to smart meters.  As important as it is for people to contact their officials, it is equally important that those same people provide the evidence or documentation to support their assertions.

We are receiving a lot of calls and email from individuals who are feeling sick, and it is important to know that lawmakers will not take your concerns to heart if you self-diagnose.

Please see your doctor who can and will write a letter for you supporting your condition.  See list below of doctors who are diagnosing smart meter caused illnesses.

We are not asking for the medical records of the people but we do need a letter from their doctors stating in the doctor’s professional opinion, their patient is experiencing a medical condition or the exasperation of an existing medical issue/illness that the doctor directly attributes to smart meters.  It is equally important to have your own personal letter written, addressed to “Dear Legislator” (or Legislator in your district) … and explain what symptoms you are having due to the installation of the smart meters, in your own words.  Send us your letter along with your “doctor’s letter”.

It is important to note that public utilities spend millions of our dollars advertising ” Know Your Own Power” and portray themselves as trying to help you any way they can, but don’t spend one dime on educating the public about the health concerns surrounding smart meters.  Ask yourself why!  It’s time for all of us to really “KNOW OUR OWN POWER… PUT THE POWER IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE and “the people” show the power in Lansing!

Please have your letters sent to:

Dominic & Lillian Cusumano
25801 Harper #4
St. Clair Shores, MI  48081

The letters collected remain private and are presented to lawmakers.  We will be presenting all the medical letters to our Legislators who have recently been appointed to their Committees and to ensure the passage of a new House Bill and Senate Bill.

Again, see your own doctor or one of the doctors below to obtain a letter, if appropriate, relating your illness or symptoms to the presence of a smart meter on your home.

Thank you for your support!


Dominic & Lillian Cusumano
Michigan Team
(586) 738-5271


Medical Doctors – Smart Meter Diagnosis           



Integrative Medicine Institute
18714 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI  48203
(between Golden Gate W and Robinwood St W)

Senior Clinician, CEO
The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Here are some doctors who have been treating patients, for your convenience

Listed by city, sorted alphabetically.

Davey, Paula G., M.D. (Ann Arbor)

Dean, Amy L., D.O. (Ann Arbor)

Dhillon, Gursharanjitn, M.D. (Rochester)

Kovalcik, Laura , D.O. (Clarkston)

Page-Echols, D.O. (East Lansing)

Wycoff, John O., D.O. (East Lansing)

Natzke, Gerald D., D.O. (Flint)

Oliver, Sharon, Neurology (Detroit)

Osterhout, Steven T., D.C. (Portage)

Rogers, Joseph T., D.O. (Trenton)

Schmidt, Darren, D.C. (Ann Arbor)

Ziobron, James., D.O. (Bruce Township)








2 thoughts on “How to Get a Doctor’s Letter to Backup a Smart Meter Health Issue

  1. I’ve been having a lot of health issues with my heart ever since they installed those stupid wireless meters, but how are you supposed to prove that to your doctor and Congress? You and I both know all these wireless signals flying around 24/7 are unhealthy, but how can you fight the city? I already called and bitched at them, and they said I’d have to pay a large fee to have a different “non-transmitting meter installed- one that looks exactly the same, but they claim it does not transmit, yeah okay” AND have to pay a $10/month fee for the privledge of having that non-transmitting meter. WTF? I’m not going to pay $120/year for that crap, that should be my right to NOT have it if it’s causing me problems. And from what I’ve read on it, it says they can transmit all the way through the house and across the street, so it’s still going to affect me from the neighbors meters even if I get rid of mine. Is that fair? I don’t think so. I think it’s time to move out in the country somehwhere, with plenty of distance between my home and the next ones. And here’s the kicker, DTE STILL sends a guy by every now and then to go in my backyard and read the meter, WTF! I thought that was the whole point of them, to save paying the meter readers? No, it’s just so they can watch your usage and spy on you and be able to turn your power on/off from the station when you don’t pay your bill. DTE sucks! I tried to switch to Consumers Power, but they’re not available downriver. They turned my power off already once with it, so I know it works that way. I paid my bill, but they came up with some billing issues on a house I got foreclosed on way back in 2008. Bunch of baloney. I wish I could be a spokesman for your stance on this issue, because I am very strongly against them- I have researched them online and see what they can do, but my ailing health just won’t allow me to do that at this time. I have two wireless meters on my house now (electric, gas), and am not at all happy about it. I told the guy I didn’t want the one on my gas meter when he came by and he said okay and passed it up, but the jerkoff came back when I wasn’t home and installed it anyhow. I called DTE and bitched about it, but they don’t care. Wait til everyone starts keeling over from heart attacks, then maybe they’ll wake up. I was also told it needs to say UL approved on the meter to be somewhat safe, and of course my electric meter doesn’t say that anywhere on it. It really makes me angry that I can’t do anything about this. When it’s doing something to make me ill, I don’t think that’s fair that I have to accept it, and I don’t think it should it be legal either. Keep on those bastards. Thanks. James Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 03:41:24 +0000 To:

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