Smart Meter Corruption

corruption graphicDecember 18, 2014 – Michigan Stop Smart Meters expresses its support for much of what was said in a recent editorial “Standing Up to the Sleaze and Rot That Kills” posted by in California.

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While there are parts of that editorial that promote a world view with which we do not agree, below are quotes from that piece with which we particularly DO agree:

“The attack on public health and safety and the highway robbery the smart grid represents is not the result of some “misunderstanding” or “lack of information.”

“All of this is intentional and it will only stop when the criminals behind the program are forced to stop.  If a PUC commissioner suddenly woke up and realized the truth and started to actively challenge the system, the system would have them removed.  No question.  Commissioners are vetted carefully for any hint of rebellion before they are appointed.”

“Activists trying (in many cases valiantly and at great personal and financial sacrifice) have seen how fruitless it is to try and get one government agency to censure another, when the stakes are as high as a trillion dollar industry driving the global economy.”

What are the alternatives?  Are we doomed to submit comments to be ignored at the PUC and accept the consequences of smart grid proliferation?  Spend thousands of dollars on lawsuits just to be tossed out of court by corrupt, system-loyal judges?”

“Watch as our friends and families and perhaps ourselves get sick and die of cancer?  As our homes burn down at 3am and the utility blames the wiring?  As we are disconnected one by one from essential services because we refuse to agree to pay not to be harmed?”

“What we need is a resistance movement that protects environmental health and safety by whatever means necessary.   A group of committed individuals who will stand up against state power and refuse to back down- no matter what- in the face of injustice.  Yes we need the intelligent, well-informed critiques of current policy to spread awareness and provide fodder for those willing to take the time to analyze the truth (and lies) behind these industry documents.  But intellectual debate and discussion- or even active awareness raising campaigns- are not going to win it alone.”

What then do we do?  Your comments please.

4 thoughts on “Smart Meter Corruption

  1. This Smart Grid is not only Unlawful, but incredibly dangerous. The people behind this GRID are taking unnecessary risks not only with their lives, but the lives of their loved ones. The HPWREN cell tower on the SDSU campus claims lives every year. I’m hearing of people throughout San Diego County that have been harmed by this stupid ‘ illegal emissions’ cell tower on campus. HPWREN is Mission Control for SDG&E- San Diego Gas & Electric. HPWREN has NASA’s Moblas 4, government NITRD Agencies, and all of San Diego’s SPAWAR Agencies. HPWREN is connected to several different GRIDS. WAKE UP to this demonic GRID! PARENTS, make sure your child does NOT have WIFI, Cell Phones, and ESPECIALLY Cell Towers on your child’s campus! SDSU always referred to this simple little cell tower as a cell phone-television relay station. IT IS GWEN ( Ground Wave Emergency Network ) HAARP!!!! These GRIDS connected to Stanford Universities ‘VLF RESEARCH GROUP ‘ or HAARP!
    The Breast Cancer Cluster on the UCSD campus in San Diego was investigated by Dr. Leeka Kheifets. Dr. Kheifets works and does research through the ‘ Electrical Power Research Institute.’ The FOX GUARDING THE HENHOUSE folks!! 15 people in all, 8 women with breast cancers who died between 2000-2006. All of these people were exposed to an office that was against an elevator, and all of the electrical equipment for the Literature building!! HIGH EMF’s were found! Again, just like SDSU an Epidemiological Report was released. All investigations stopped!!!! Epidemiological reports are nothing but mere statistics! A true investigation should have been TOXICOLOGY Studies!
    The Kelly Elementary School Cancer Cluster – Carlsbad CA., involved several kids with leukemia’s and brain tumors!! High Tension Electrical Power-lines cross this school property, and surrounding residential areas!! Upon further research there ( in 2010 ) are 59 CELL TOWERS, and 219 ANTENNAS within a 4 mile radius of this school! Again, an epidemiologist report was released. All at the expense of our children’s lives!!
    WE ARE IN TROUBLE! Smart Meter infrastructure had not been deployed yet! This adds to our EMR exposures!!!! Do not forget that the Smart Grid includes surveillance cameras throughout our cities and towns. We, the public will NO longer have privacy within our homes, businesses, or our travels!! Even the short daily trips!! We must stop this Industry from taking over our lives. Parents, I do not own a cell phone, nor will I EVER AGAIN!! It starts at home. I get along just fine without one, and my life is much simpler!! I see the addiction to these stupid devices, which are ruining our world, and our lives!!!

  2. THIS IS NOT A METER, IT’S NOT AN UPGRADE, IT’S NOT A REAL TIME MEASUREMENT DEVICE. It is a bait and switch antenna sited on private property.
    Resistance begins with NOT using the opponent’s own misleading language.
    Success begins by first not incorporating the masking language used to aid and abet this global ponzi scheme, Victory must be predicated on consciously shunning con words. The rf transmitter antenna node which nearly every hold out and resister still insists on calling a “meter” is not a meter at all. It’s many other things, but first and foremost it’s nodal component of a wireless data extracting communications system piggy backed on to the energy delivery system but entirely other. This second system is being used against every property owner and occupant, illegally. The fact of this antenna being sited on any property for commercial gain is electronic trespass using weaponized frequencies. This antenna violates electrical code, building code, engineering code, voids insurance, including the liability insurance used to protect those who run this system. This illegally sited antenna is capable of voiding occupancy permits, errors and omissions insurance, liability insurance, home insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, injury insurance and more. Additionally, phone and electrical workers are at high risk from grid collector hubs, etc
    That renders liable all grid enablers, from local to state to federal.
    To be effective, it is crucial to name the evil, to call it what it is, an illegally sited antenna. Stop calling this antenna node a “meter”. Instead acknowledge and name the paradigm shift rapidly taking place, as warned by Edward Snowden.
    This antenna is a portal or gateway between two separate systems, one hidden.
    This device is not a real time measurement device, and is not a meter.
    IT IS AN RF MICROWAVE TRANSMITTING COMPUTERIZED ANTENNA WHICH HAS BEEN ILLEGALLY SITED ON BILLIONS OF PRIVATE PROPERTIES WITHOUT A SITING PERMIT, as well as without full disclosure, without permission from a private property owner, in full violation of contract law, trespass law, theft laws, siting use laws, land use laws, sustainability laws, electrical codes, and much more.
    Fight, fight, against a toxic grid.

  3. Well DTE just left my home . The man was very nice as was I. I told him to put me on the refusal list for the Smart Meter. He told me DTE will start getting meaner and meaner and even threaten to shut off my power. and I do have the meter guard on my meter box.

  4. When it comes to smart meters, it is sad to say, this is only one of so very many things which are so wrong but being rammed down our throats. You can show all of the facts, point out all of the “law”, and complain all you want, but it is falling on deaf ears. People think, we live in American- they can’t do that! Get used to it. After the Obamacare issue we should all see things more clearly. When Nancy Pelosy said “you have to vote on it to see what is in it”, it was clear to me, we are no longer in charge.
    Since our country was taken from King George, we have had enemies. Our founding fathers gave us a gold clause in our Constitution. This was for our protection, not just to give us shiny stuff in our pockets. Most of us do not realize that the federal reserve IS NOT part of our country. It is the branch of the world bankers that deals with our treasury dept and loans us money at interest. The income tax was originally written as a means of collecting interest on our national debt. If you don’t believe this then think why would -we- pay interest on money that -we- printed for -us- to use? “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes it’s laws”- Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.
    Obama now has us at almost $18,000,000,000 national debt. What does all this have to do with smart meters you ask? The Bible says in Proverbs 22:7 ”The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” We like to think that our government it set in place by us- we the people. We may vote and go through the motions- but our leaders do not make policy. As with the Nancy Pelosie’s statement “we need to vote on it to see what is in it”, the fact that we have the world bankers writing our countries policies is clear but still makes no sense to us on the ground. If, for a few moments you look at it from the other side of the fence, it will make perfect sense. Our leaders are mere puppets, doing the bidding of the very people that loan money to every nation on earth. What happens when you can no longer pay your debt? The bank will foreclose on the debt. Interesting how the “law” (HJR192) which gave us use the Federal Reserve System, also states that all of our land and possessions are considered -collateral- on our national debt. When they foreclose, they will own everything. Strange- that after having a Constitution which protects us from becoming, once again, a feudal system, it will happen anyway because we contracted away our rights.
    Whether you believe in the Bible or not, prophecy is becoming extremely easy to see being played out. In Revelation 13: 16-17 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”. At some point our whole world –WILL– be taken over by a banking organization, which is powerful enough, to control every aspect of our life’s and only allow business as usual –if you play their game.
    The smart meter is just one more link in the foundation of this system which allows control of every aspect of our future lives. We no longer have laws that protect us. We no longer have legislators who work -for- us. Get used to it- we are powerless to stop this any longer.
    I have lived off grid for 25 years , trying to sidestep the control this is bringing but it is still catching up and now almost unavoidable. At best we can try to postpone things as long as possible. Perhaps if we all wake up to how much more than smart meters -they- have in store for us we can get something good to happen.

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