Successful Screening of ‘Take Back Your Power’

December 10, 2014

About 300 moviegoers gathered at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak, MI this evening for a showing of Josh del Sol’s smart meter film titled ‘Take Back Your Power’. The film was very well received and was free of charge. This was made possible courtesy of organizer/backer Andrea McNinch who also arranged to fly in film producer Josh del Sol.

Following the film many stayed for a 2-hour meeting that had been billed as a question and answer session with the film producer. But as it turned out Josh turned the meeting over to another speaker, not an attorney, who outlined a very unconventional legal theory for keeping a smart meter off the home.

We understand there is to be a meeting on December 11th for those wishing to sign personal documents to apply this legal theory to their own struggle to keep a smart meter off their home..

Michigan Stop Smart Meters can readily understand the appeal of such an approach, particularly with its biblical overtones, but we are not prepared to endorse this method at this time. We have not seen or heard any evidence demonstrating that the approach ever worked in an actual courtroom.


1 thought on “Successful Screening of ‘Take Back Your Power’

  1. There are too many people out there touting methods that appeal to the way things SHOULD be, but that will not pass muster in a courtroom. We must be assured that our arguments have LEGAL merit, not just moral merit. I have not myself yet heard the information about this newest method (I cannot attend functions that are held in buildings crowded with cell phones, wireless, and smart meters), but I know that David is very careful about the paths he chooses to pursue, as are we at the Smart Meter Education Network. We will investigate this new method. In the meantime, we do not recommend that people pursue it without CONSULTING AN ATTORNEY PRIOR TO TAKING ACTION. Keep in mind, if you pursue actions ON YOUR OWN and not as part of a group, DTE is likely to retaliate.

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