Michigan Legislature: A Day to Remember!


December 2nd, 2014.

Smart Meter Hearing before the House Oversight Committee. Other events planned for earlier in the day.

If you can attend only the hearing come at 3 pm to Room 519 in the Anderson House Office Buildingat 124 North Capitol Avenue (across the street from the Capitol Building). Come to speak or come just to show your support! This will be an opportunity for all of us who have concerns about smart electric meters to come and have our say before a legislative committee.

It is also an opportunity to submit evidence or documents for consideration by the Committee.  Be sure to bring 30 copies of anything you plan to submit. Your presence at the hearing will help to show the legislators that there is strong support for our positions.  If possible wear something red (or wear a red ribbon that will be available at the door).  This hearing will be videotaped and may be up on the Committee website later.

This Committee is chaired by Rep Tom McMillin. It can only begin its hearing after the House session (across the street) ends. So actual starting time could be anywhere from 3 pm to 5 pm.  Upon arrival, check in with guard.  If the hearing room is not yet open when you arrive, congregate with others in the lobby on the main floor until the room opens. It is most important that we have as many as possible – particularly during the first hour of the hearing when news media will be present.

Tom has assured us that this hearing will run as long as necessary to give every person a chance to speak for the record!  Hearing may run late into the evening.

We particularly want your testimony on the record if you have been made ill by a smart meter, can no longer sleep in your own bed, had your power shutoff or been threatened with shutoff of your power for refusing to take a smart meter. Your input also needed if you have sought redress for any of these grievances from the Public Service Commission and been denied their help! The Chairman of the Public Service Commission has been invited as have representatives from DTE and Consumers Energy. We are hopeful that large numbers of you will come and make your voices heard!  If you have doctor’s letters or other written evidence you want submitted to the record, please be sure to bring 15 copies 30 copies for submission to the Committee.

The Purpose of this Hearing: Everyone should understand that the McMillin smart meter bill is still stuck in the House Energy Committee and will almost certainly die at the end of the year. This hearing, on the other hand, will be about establishing a record of evidence concerning the smart meter issues and the failure of the Public Service Commission in addressing those issues.  It has at least the possibility of leading to bills to be introduced in the next session of the legislature beginning in January. It is also a good opportunity for us to get our concerns reported by the press.

Official Things To Bring (30 copies of each for Committee):
Doctor’s letters
DTE shut off notices or threatening notices
Records of calls or threatening phone calls
Records of encounters with DTE
Anything you have to tell your story or substantiate your claims
Letters or literature for house representative and senators

Other Activities Planned for That Day: If you are planning on coming for the hearing you may also want to come earlier in the day and join us for other protest activity planned by Pam Wallace and Dee Hilbert.  If you come at noon that day you can join us for a demonstration in front of the Capitol building.  The Capitol building is at 110 South Capitol Avenue (at the corner of Capitol Ave and Michigan Ave) Please bring a sign and wear warm clothing. In the morning some of us will be in the Senate lobby having our Senator called out of session by the Sergeant at Arms to talk with us about smart meter legislation.  In the early afternoon some of us will be in the House lobby having our Representative called out of session by the Sergeant at Arms to talk about smart meters.

RSVP: Please help Pam and Dee by sending an RSVP to them to let them know you will be attending the event/hearing, if you plan to testify and how many people you plan to have with you.- thank you. pamandandy22@yahoo.com or kipdee@wowway.com

If you plan to join us for the full day of activities please be sure to bring water, food and a snack. Tom has arranged for us to have Room 426 in the Capitol building to gather during the day. The room will allow us to rest, warm up and visit during our time at the Capitol. Here is the schedule for those who will be with us all day:

9:30:  meet in Lansing at the state capital. Check in with guard who will direct you to Room 426 reserved for us by Rep Tom McMillin.
10:00: smart meter rally at the state capital with themed signs and information to pass out to senators as they enter the capital for session.
10:00-12:15: pull out your senator from session to share your concerns about smart meters and request help and protective legislation.
12:15 meet at Room 426 in Capitol building.
12:30: smart meter rally at the state capital with themed signs and information to pass out to our state representatives as they enter the capital for session.
12:30-3:00: pull out your state representative from session to share your concerns about smart meters and request help and protective legislation.
3:00/4:45 and on: smart meter hearing will be held at the Anderson House office building (directly across from the capital) in Room 519. The hearing will begin right after the house session and the start time will range anytime from 3:00-4:45.
If you plan to take part in these activities all day it will be important to bring water, food and a snack.  Also bring a sign to carry for our outdoor demonstrations.
Themes And Messages
Our themes for our rally signs and for our talks with legislators are:
I Am Sick Because Of My Smart Meter
Smart Meters Are Making People Sick
Smart Meters Cause Fires
Oregon, Washington, Maine and Vermont Have Analog Opt- Outs- Michigan Wants An Analog Opt-Out Too!
I Am Living Without Power-DTE Shut My Power Off
DTE Is Threatening To Shut Off My Power
I Had To Leave My Home Due To A Smart Meter
What Are You Going To Do To Help Us?
When Are You Going To Help Us?
Smart Meters Are An Invasion Of Privacy
The World Heath Organization Has Classified Smart Meter Radiation As a Type 2 Carcinogen. They Are Not Safe.

Capitol overview


Directions to Capitol from Detroit area:  Take I 96 to I 496 West, then exit 7A service drive to right turn on Grand Ave (headed north 1-way) to left turn on Ottawa (headed west 1-way) to left turn on Walnut Street (headed south) to left turn on Allegan Street (headed east 1-way) to parking structure on Allegan street. You will be right next to Capitol and 1 block from the Anderson House Office Building.

Capitol detail




2 thoughts on “Michigan Legislature: A Day to Remember!

  1. Good luck. I’d like to attend, but my car won’t make it that far. I think the smart meters blew out my alternator. LOL. I seriously hate those things, and I do very much suspect they are causing me issues with my heart. From what I have read on them, I do not understand how they are even legal. It makes me sick that the government doesn’t even care about people’s health. The thing I don’t get is WHY do they CONSTANTLY transmit? So that means EVERYONE’S houses on the block are ALL transmitting constantly and putting out all those radio waves ALL the time. Why can’t they just transmit once/week to get a reading? It also seems like spying, they can tell when somebody’s home or not. I think this is ridiculous and an invasion of privacy. Keep on them. Thanks. James Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014 00:12:48 +0000 To: vampyrbyte@live.com

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