New Educational Meetings Scheduled

Both our organizations have new meetings scheduled to educate the public about smart meters – the dangers, and the so called “opt-out” plan offered by DTE.

Michigan Stop Smart Meters has scheduled 4 meetings in northern Macomb County. Smart Meter Education Network has a meeting scheduled for Warren (see announcement below).

Macomb Meetings FlyerLinda meeting on 102614

5 thoughts on “New Educational Meetings Scheduled

  1. I wondered if there was something I can do . I got a letter they are going to put a smart meter on my house and if I don’t they say I have to pay $69.00 and then $10.00 extra a month. Michigan ….

  2. Wondering about the Downriver Detroit area as well. We’ve posted signs on doors and at meters and spoken to many of our friends and neighbors and so far avoided install but folks look at us like we’re extremists or just plain nuts. The company doing the installs knocks on our door at least bi-weekly but so far no one has tried to forcibly do an install or gotten law enforcement involved. Thank God!

  3. How about something in the downriver, MI area to educate people down here? I don’t like the things. I have read up on them and the health concerns they pose. I don’t even know how they are legal after reading all that. Unbelievable. Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 06:30:53 +0000 To:

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