Two New Michigan ‘Smart’ Meter Events!

Michigan Stop Smart Meters is proud to present two new events for folks wanting to better understand the menace that Michigan utilities are visiting upon the unsuspecting people of this state!

Saturday December 7th – ‘Take Back Your Power’ – a new controversial film by Canadian filmmaker Josh del Sol.  From 11 am to 2 pm.


This film dramatizes in clear and convincing detail the way in which “smart” electric meters assault our privacy, our health and our pocketbooks.  Free admission.  Open to public.  Light refreshments.

Plymouth District Library
223 South Main Street
Plymouth, MI


Sunday December 15th – “Should We All Opt Out?” – A lecture exploring the ‘smart’ meter issues in depth with a discussion on what our options are as Michigan residents.

picture of meter radiating houseSince the May 15th Order of the Michigan Public Services Commission, many are wondering if they must now pay expensive fees to avoid the harm of these meters.

Learn more at this free public meeting:  1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Clinton-Macomb Main Library, 40900 Romeo Plank Rd (at Canal St) Clinton Twp, MI. 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.  <More>

7 thoughts on “Two New Michigan ‘Smart’ Meter Events!

  1. I share your frustration and anger. Your health is affected when there are meters around you within 72 feet is my understanding. I wish our government protected us, but obama is very much pro smart Meter. I wonder if part of the reason that General Petreus was canned had nothing t6o do with having an affair but becauwse4 he not only came out and warned the public that everyone would soon be PUTTing a device on or near their home that would spy on the…and he woul;dn’t lie of Ob ama about the fact bho refused to allow him to save the Ambassador, Chris Stevens, during the Benghqazi MURDERS. THAT bho AND hc MAY HAVE CAUSED ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE.

  2. I paid the opt out fee, but they still came and took of my perfectly working analog meter.and changed it to a new meter that looks like an analog meter, but it might be one of those that look like one but they aren’t really analog, although they have a spinning thing, they also have digitalized numbers to fool you!
    I live on the island of Guam. I was told that the top dog who was elected many times and can’t be ousted due partly due to an unaware voter majority, who chairs our utilities commission and the senator in charge of pushing smart meters on ;us h;ave some sort of investment with the sellers of the smart meters.
    Maybe I’m going crazy, but I’ve even wondered if someone in the government who doesn’t like people protesting about the us ndumping toxins on my; once pristine beautiful island is using the EMFs to fry our brains and give our children leukemia to get rid of complainers about environmental destruction here by the two US military bases who spread rumors that my beautiful island home, (Guam USA) is nothing but a rock covered with snakes and spiders, which is absolutely a lie.
    I have noticed many people here have been getting sick and forgetful since the smart meters have been forced down our throats by t;he Federal US government…
    I want to prepare a lawsuit myself as I can’t afford to pay a lawyer and am looking for examples on how to sue them for taking my money NOT to change my meter, yet after they took my money they still took it. if you have any examples on how to do this, or successful lawsuits against power companies that their boundaries and lie cheat and steal like the Guam Power Authority; is now doing, please email your info to me at Thanks!


  3. DTE is sneaky! I received an Opt Out letter after they had already installed a smart meter on my home! What are my options? I absolutely DO NOT want the smart meter on my home. Has a class action lawsuit been started?

  4. I sent the letter off of this site, to the advanced meter team. Telling them I do not consent to their opt out program. I have a lock on my meter & a sticker that says do not install smart meter. I have got no response & they are not charging me any of the fees that the letter originally stated. I do still have my analog meter. Has anyone else not been charged the fees ?

    • Ryan – My understanding, from reading the tariff, is that they will charge the $67 up front fee when they actually install their non-transmitting “opt-out” smart meter. The charge is to cover the cost of the installer’s time. Some people who agreed to take their “opt-out meter” are seeing the $67 charge on this month’s bills. They will not charge the 9.80/month fee until they have completed installs in your area (so that they no longer are running a regular meter reading route). At that point they will have to do “special reads” for just the opt-out people and the $9.80/month is designed to cover cost of that.

    • I did not use the letter off the site. I used another document. About 9 months before DTE, with the collusion of “pretend” government officials, changed the definition of opt-out to it’s opposite, I opted out under the original definition. The original definition of opt-out means no smart meter.

      DTE sent their installers to see if I would opt-out under the new definition. I simply said, “I opted out under the original definition” took names of the installers and their supervisors and they left. The next day they installed smart meters in every home in my complex skipping mine. I still don’t have a smart meter.

      Originally I opted out because of health issues. But since then I have come to find out the privacy and security issues are huge and in fact I would call nefarious. People and pretend governments can hack into those smart meter systems and find out your every move.

      In the 60s, 70s, 80s, the equity courts were all but done away with and replaced with administrative courts which are not courts at all, but an extortion racket who represent the corporations. You are guilty before you get there. These courts are not the solution but another part of the problem. Extortion means demand for money with the threat of force.

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