Michigan Legislative Slam Against Smart Meters

Twenty-six Communities Represented in Smart Meter Struggle: On Wednesday, November 13th, 32 people representing 26 Michigan communities descended on Lansing, lobbied their House representatives and requested a hearing on HB 4513. Some were also able to speak with their Senators and requested a Senate version of the bill be introduced in the Senate. Several individuals requested a conversation with Energy Committee Chairman Aric Nesbitt but he would not come out to speak with us.

Due to many of us having to get back on our bus, everyone’s response from their representatives was not obtained. We are in the process of gathering this information and will share it soon.

Next Steps: If you were unable to attend this event, please request via phone or email that your House Representative support our efforts for a hearing to get HB 4315 out of committee. Ask them to respond if they support it and what you need to do to help this process. Please follow up until you get a response. In addition, contact your state senator and request a Senate version of HB 4315 to be introduced in the Senate.

Some of us have made plans to meet personally with our representatives to educate them more in depth on this issue and to obtain there ideas to help this bill move forward.

It would be very helpful if you would send us the responses from your representatives. Again, we will be keeping a tally on who supports our efforts and who does not.

A special thank you to Rep. Tom McMillin and his intern John for educating and assisting us with this event. We were told they have never had such a large citizen group organize and lobby Lansing before (that they know of).

We all learned so much from each other and have become fast friends and allies.

We are currently strategizing and planning our next steps.

Pam and I are compiling information and will be updating you with next steps in this process.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who shares in our concerns and efforts to protect our health and privacy.

We are not going away!

Take care,

Dee Hilbert and Pam Wallace
Oakland/Macomb Smart Meter Coalition

Link to our original post describing this event.

5 thoughts on “Michigan Legislative Slam Against Smart Meters

  1. I was not offered the opt out. I came home to a tag on my door stating they had changed my meter. I was not even aware there was an opt out until my son who lives a mile away received his letter and asked if I had gotten mine. I called DTE, and the rep argued with me about when I got the meter and opt out letter. She said I was notified in Aug. Uh, no, my mother passed on Easter, and it was put on shortly after I got back from her funeral – ie: April. I told her I want it off my house and was told it will cost me an additional $10.00 per month, plus I would have to pay $67.00 for a ‘non transmitting’ meter. Its an orange sticker that says ‘radio off’!!!
    Do they really think the public is that stupid?? They came here and put it on while I wasn’t home, now they want to charge me $67.00 for a sticker?? How will I know if its on or off?
    I WAS home when someone came ‘IN AUG’ to change out the gas meter. I said no. Very nice person said “no problem, I get paid either way, I’m supposed to do 50 today, but I’m only going to do 25. My brother owns the company, and my cousin (or nephew) is the supervisor! A lot of people are upset about them, so DTE ‘started’ sending out the opt letters to give people a choice”. REALLY? Yep, Wayne County. I want it off my house, and I am still waiting.

    • Deb R, DTE has persuaded the Public Service Commission that nobody should be allowed to keep their analog meter. The PSC has decided everyone gets either a fully functional smart meter or a smart meter with the radio turned off. These are unacceptable alternatives. We are appealing that decision to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Your health and your privacy are still being assaulted even with the “opt-out meter”. The $67 charge is for DTE to send a technician to your home to disable the radio transmitter that comes turned on whenever a new meter is installed. If you sign up for the “opt-out meter” you will be billed the $67 and $9.80/month for them to read your meter manually. So far they haven’t started up the monthly charges but that will come as soon as they have more meters installed in your area. You are being asked to pay fees to escape from a known harm that DTE has deliberately created. It has all the earmarks of a shakedown. We are appealing every aspect of this whole scheme.

  2. Dear Dee Hilbert and Pam Wallace,
    You and your friends are all doing great work there in your counties and states of Michigan. We here in Victoria Australia are still being bullied and harassed but we are keeping up the fight as well, by keeping our Electric Meter Boxes Locked against the hoards of Smart Meter Installer men who would willingly steal the Electric Safe and Passive Analog Meters from us were our Electric Meter Boxes not safely padlocked with stout industrial padlocks. It is actually the Monetary Rapinely Greedy C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and the Victorian Government who are in collusion with one another to force these monstrosities of Cancer Producing Machines as classified by the Word Health Organisation on the Victorian Australian Public.

    By our padlocking our Electric Meter boxes, that is some now 100,000 of us and still growing in number, we are keeping these terrorists or Pirates of The Suburbs at bay as Legally they the Microwave smart meter installers are forbidden to cut or smash our padlocks as that would be a “Breaking and Entering Crime” punishable by a stiff terms of imprisonment for those committing such offences.

    It is an absolute disgrace this tyrannical and evil still being perpetrated by the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of China and Singapore on the privately owned home and small business owners of Victoria by City Power and by Powercor both owned by China. Also owned by Singapore are SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy Distribution but these five are now getting really DESPERATE to get the last of these deadly to all “LIFE” now proving to be Type 2B Microwave Carcinogen Causing dopey machines onto peoples Victorian-Australian properties as they only have until the 31st of December 2013 in which to Legally finish their Victorian Government Contract. Should they not get the 100% installation of these dopey and deadly meters onto their Electricity Customers properties they face massive fines from the Victorian Government with whom they have been contracted it would seem. I for one see firstly that the enforced Roll-Out of these accursed machines is the HEIGHT of WICKEDNESS on a what is supposed to be Democratic People of Victoria Australia.

  3. Good morning my city wants to replace water meter in my basement with one that Sends signals to city do I want this on my home? Please advice Anna Mentiet

    Sent from my HTC One™ S on T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network.

    • If it is the kind of system that requires a drive by vehicle it is probably ok. These usually transmit only once/month when the vehicle sends out a signal requesting the readings. If the device is going to be transmitting daily or hourly to fixed receiver towers then you definitely do not want it on your home. It is a privacy issue and a health issue. They may disconnect your water if you refuse, so be prepared to go to court to maintain your water service.

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