Lansing Slam Update!


Update to the “Lansing Slam-Pull Out for Opt-Out” Event
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We now have citizen representatives from 18 communities planning on meeting us in Lansing for our Pull Out for Opt-Out event. We will have people from all over the state of Michigan descending upon the state capital to pull their individual state representatives out of session to discuss their concerns about smart meters. We will also be asking our representatives to move forward bill #4315 that will allow you to keep your analog meter, preserving your health and privacy.

For our original announcement of this event click here!

More great news-a citizen is coming from Spring Lake! Here are the communities that are represented:

18 Lansing Slam Communities

If you are planning on taking our bus from Southfield, meet us behind the Cosi Restaurant, 28674 Telegraph Rd., Southfield MI, 48308 no later than 9:45 AM. The bus leaves promptly at 10 AM. We will have light refreshments on the way to Lansing and on the way back. We suggest you pack a lunch. We will return to Southfield no later than 5P.M. We are no longer stopping in Ann Arbor because it adds too much to the cost of the bus. We are asking for $10 per person donation to take the bus. If you can give more and/or tip the driver, that would be great, but it is not necessary.

By the most recent count we have 16 people coming via the bus, and approximately 8 others meeting us in Lansing. We have a 24 seat bus reserved for us. We can take more if you would like to join us on the bus.

5 thoughts on “Lansing Slam Update!

  1. Sorry, I didn’t catch your reply soon enough so I wasn’t there. I am sensitive to EMR and don’t need a smart-meter making me sick. I tried warning people at my neighborhood meeting, but they didn’t take it seriously. Many of them simply believe whatever the “authorities” say is OK. We can all watch as the cancer rate goes up even more from these demon-meters. I also told them that the WHO considers smart-meters and cell phones as carcinogens, but that didn’t sink in either. What can you do?

  2. That sounds great!! All I know is that my 2 dogs & I were very sick living with smartmeters directly below our floor. We moved & are 100% better!!! Smart meters are deathly.

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