New Way to Prevent Smart Meter Installation!

November 4th, 2013 – A New Guard for Your Analog Meter!
For many of us, keeping a smart meter off of our homes is a matter of necessity.  Many cannot sleep or suffer intolerable headaches, nausea or heart palpitations once a smart meter is installed on their home.  Some have resorted to padlocking their existing analog meters to prevent a smart meter installation.  To a considerable extent these defenses have worked, at least until quite recently.

But we are witnessing, in the last few weeks, more aggressive tactics on the part of at least one Michigan utility.  Padlocks have been cut and, in some cases, the loop (part of the meter enclosure) is cut to remove a padlock. In the photo below we see a cut loop and a new brass enclosure lock has been added.

Is it legal to protect your analog meter?  We have obtained opinions from two local attorneys that have told us it is legal.  To date nobody that we know of has been sued or had their power turned off for locking up their analog meter and refusing to allow a smart meter replacement.  Two families have been sued for re-installing an analog meter after a smart meter was installed. The lesson: Defend your existing meter!
Cut meter box detail

Many have contacted us asking what can be done to better protect their existing analog meters.  Fortunately we now have a product that will do just that!

A local guy has devised an ingenious and economical way to protect your existing meter.  Click here to see his product!

12 thoughts on “New Way to Prevent Smart Meter Installation!

  1. DTE has gotten smart! I received an Opt Out letter POST installation of the Smart Meter. I DO NOT want this meter on my home. Has there been a Class Action Lawsuit started? I wish to be a part of this lawsuit. I want this thing OFF my home!!

    • Cyndi, No class action yet. As soon as we can assemble a group of plaintiffs who have actual damages we will consider it. For now your best option is to purchase an analog meter and install it yourself.

    • I saw my Neurologist Monday, he is dictating a letter on my behalf and will be sending it to me so I can once again send it certified to both DTE President and Advance Metering Team. Basically stating with my multiple medical problems and no real studies conducted on their safety (although I did give him the latest from AAEM, but it’s not published as of yet) that I should not have these installed on my home.

      All my meters are chained & locked, everyday I wonder when they are going to show up here and I’ll have to fight with them. Just hope I get the letter soon so I can send it to DTE. Whether they’ll still not care but if they attempt to cut anything off I’ll be standing there with a tire iron in hand. If a letter from a Medical Doctor about his patient doesn’t halt this, my fist and a lawyer will. (And they want a moratorium)

      • Longshot, I think, at this point, we still have to put our hopes on locking up our meters and with the legal system. Taking any violent action against an installer is definitely NOT recommended. Please see the Tatar Guard described on our website. That should be enough to stop most installers. Good work with the neurologist! We need a lot more people to do that!

      • I would never do physical harm to anyone Dave, that’s not what I meant. Just saying IF they hop my fence and enter yard (Trespass) they won’t be met kindly. I won’t just stand with-in my own locked gated and fenced yard and just let them destroy my property. I’d call police that they entered yard illegally with no trespassing signs up but I will not stand there and allow them to cut off the property I paid for. I would hope that after they recieve a letter from a medical doctor that they’d think a 100 times before still attempting installation. I am not going to pay for another new type of locking system, I cannot afford anymore things.

        As I’ve said this is my home, I paid for it, I own it. It will be up to them whether they want to bulldoze over me to destroy my locks. Then they will be met with the same force by any means possible. I’m too sick to physically fight with men. In reality it shouldn’t have to come to this but people must take a stand on their own homes.

      • Response from Linda: Longshot, Get a Tatar Meter Guard, Go to, then click on the tab Keep the Meter Off Your Home. Also see our page on How to Respond to DTE.

    • I also received a letter (POST installation) from DTE about the Smart Meter coming to my neighborhood – It was dated May 2013, and arrived in my mailbox in October 2013! My family is now suffering from heart palpitations, increased anxiety, nervousness and sleeplessness. I hear a high pitch humming throughout our house, every moment I’m in my home. I am furious!! My sanctuary is turning into a house of torture…
      I found a site that has hundreds of documented health complaints regarding Smart Meters, and there are some good ideas of how to deal with this for now. I don’t know if they truly work, but at this point, I’m willing to try just about anything.

      • Michelle, The only remedy for this outrageous situation is for you to take matters into your own hands. You need to order an analog meter from the internet and send a notice to DTE demanding removal of the smart meter by a date certain or you will replace it yourself with the analog meter you have ordered. You can buy the meter for $25 or so from the Hialeah Meter Company of Hialeah, Florida. Or visit the website:, run by Jerry Day, and order his kit that includes an analog meter plus a video on how to install it plus legal documents. Be sure to have a qualified person do the actual switch and be sure to notify the utility beforehand, record all meter readings and safely ship their smart meter back to them. I know a number of families who did this a year or more ago and all still have their analog meters that they installed themselves and none has had their power shutoff. Find your courage. It is your health and perhaps your very life that is being stolen from you. Contact me for further advice.

  2. So what happened in Lansing? I was too sick to attend but did send my Rep. an extensive email, also others. Never even got a response of acknowledgement that they even read the emails. So what if anything happened there?

  3. I have two padlocks with uncut-table large objects filled in around them, I don’t believe there is any room for the cutter to cut the padlocks off. Loop is covered front and back with steel large washers. Hey this is in my yard, they illegally jump my fences whether porch wood locked gate or other fences I’ll have aggressive tactics of my own. This is my property. The chain and lock I have on gas meter that not in gated yard too thick to be cut and it’s my personal property.

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