Day to Act on Our Smart Meter Health Complaints

In our September 29th post titled “How To Be Heard On Our Health Complaints” we announced a national campaign in coordination with the California based national website  In addition to that group we wish also to thank smart meter groups in Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida (and perhaps others) for featuring this campaign on their sites.  In our earlier post we urged all of you who are experiencing smart meter related health symptoms to get diagnosed by your doctor and ask him or her to write you a letter expressing professional judgment that a smart meter is causing your symptoms or is aggravating a pre-existing health condition.

If you were successful in getting diagnosed and have obtained such a letter we are asking that you write your own letter to your representative in the Michigan State Legislature and attach a copy of your doctor’s letter and MAIL THESE ON OCTOBER 25th FOR GREATEST IMPACT!  When you do so please send us a copy to one of the addresses below so we can keep track of the growing body of evidence that may be needed for our further efforts going forward.


Most doctors will require you to sign a HIPAA authorization before they will provide such a letter.  The authorization can be limited to the release of the letter and not be inclusive of test results or other medical records.

We realize not all of you will have been able to get a proper diagnosis of your condition.  Many doctors did not acquire, as part of their medical training, the expertise to recognize and treat complex health symptoms that are caused by electromagnetic radiation.  They may recognize the symptoms but ascribe them to other causes. Many of them are gun shy about getting too far out front on this issue until the cause and effect mechanisms are more widely accepted in their profession.  If you have not yet managed to get a diagnosis or a letter do not be discouraged.  We will be providing more information about how to go about this in a future newsletter and will no doubt do a repeat of this letter writing campaign.

If you did get a diagnosis and a letter from your doctor we would like to hear your story.  Please mention any diagnostic test your doctor used to establish electro-sensitivity. Did your regular doctor refer you to a specialist? If you tried but have not been able to obtain your doctor’s cooperation, we would like to hear your story too.  Were your symptoms ignored or attributed to other causes?  As we accumulate more information along these lines we may be able to offer more guidance to our readers as to what approaches work best.

Please email a blind copy of your letter and your doctor’s letter to our National Coordinator, David Lonier at davidlonier@gmail.comOr send snail mail to David Sheldon at 215 W. Troy  #4004, Ferndale, MI  48220.

If you have questions about this campaign, please phone David Lonier at (248) 373-9111 or Michigan Stop Smart Meters at (248) 604-7545.

Link to our September 29th post on this campaign.

1 thought on “Day to Act on Our Smart Meter Health Complaints

  1. Hello, my name is Chuck Barlow. I have my own business and I build cages that protect original meters from being switched to smart meters. I was hoping you could post on your website a link to my website to help prevent more of these smart meters from being put on people’s homes. My business is located in Florida but we ship the cages all across America. I could send you pictures if needed. My website is and my contact phone number is 239-823-3066. Thank you and lets continue to help stop these “smart” meters.

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