Smart Meter Action Day – September 1st!

A Message to All of Our Michigan Friends, from the Cusumanos – Two of Our Strongest Fighters!!!

Everyone’s hard work has been incredible and awareness to the smart meter issue is continuing to grow!  But once again, your help is needed!   Our work is not done! 

Numerous individuals have stood up and reported their adverse health affects since the smart meter deployment.  This came from many citizens and ratepayers alike.  Numerous individuals went before the “Public Service Commission” and observed them turn a blind eye to your concerns, and it all fell on deaf ears.

That’s not the case any longer.  We have watched you in different avenues present your concerns and you have been great spokespersons for “the people”.


Please ASK EVERYONE to mark and set this date on your calendar…

September 1, 2013

This is the DATE where all advocate groups will have their followers send out an email!

…. It is time once again to bombard your Legislatures (in your district) with hard evidence by all parties experiencing an episode of adverse health effects, AND, IT MUST BE SUPPORTED BY YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR WHO WILL CORROBORATE YOUR ILLNESS in writing.  Without a letter from your doctor, our lawmakers, will not have the necessary tool to take on the energy providers. Doctors have the expertise to make a diagnosis, we as patients do not. It is not enough to simply assert a cause and effect; we need the medical documentation to be taken seriously.

Your doctor needs to write a letter for you and you need to attach that letter along with your personal letter to your Representative & Senator.  Be sure your doctor knows what you are doing and he has consented to do so. That is important!!!  If the doctor is called upon, they can support your health claim and this will greatly assist with abating the smart meter and keep your analog meter!!  We can’t wait until people die!

When you send a letter or email to your representative, please email us a blind copy us so we can keep track of how effective this campaign is!!!

As these letters are being supported by your doctors and are sent to your Representatives and Senator, plausible deniability NO LONGER EXISTS.  These health claims are substantiated and documented by medical doctors.  This is the “date” that WE KNOW  the public is being heard once again….It is a date known in all states by all advocates and awareness groups that they have been heard.

Leadership can not assist us unless we assist leadership with our statements of fact in objection, corroborated by their doctors, and the ill-effects they have had since being exposed to the smart meter installation!!

Will you help???  Please respond to us and let us know that you can help and consolidate everyone’s efforts across the USA.. “WE the People, BY the People, and FOR the people.

Please feel free to share this email to other website advocates who can help support this need.  We can’t wait for the abusive deployment, and then try to fix this problem with a band-aid.   NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP IT!

Thank you and Blessings to All,

Dominic & Lillian Cusumano,  (586) 738-5271


2 thoughts on “Smart Meter Action Day – September 1st!

  1. DTE has been sending propaganda letters to Ypsilanti residents, despite ZERO benefit to them from the installation of these hellspawned devices, and the thought that DTE would pass any cost savings if there were onto the victi… err, customers, is laughable at best.
    Apartment complexes have it the worst, in that they have almost no ability to fight back, and some poor sodder has up to EIGHT of those horrible things on the exterior of their living room wall often within four-five feet of their commonly used space.
    I wonder how much DTE blew on these propaganda letters and included fridge magnet, which they will no doubt pass on to us via increased costs – and I can attest to the fact that “improved outage detection” is a flat out lie given two outages here, one minor and one major, to the point of having to get VERY aggressive on the phone to them from an official capacity to even convince them there WAS an outage at all!

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