Dangers to Entire Electric Grid!

Risk that a Terrorist Will Turn Off Everyone’s Power – NEW MUST SEE VIDEO: Smart Grid – Massive Vulnerability.

The radio controlled disconnect switches also certainly open up that possibility to any terrorist with computer hacking skills. Here is story about just how vulnerable the entire electric grid is with smart meters on every home.

Who Controls the Off Switch?Good British article explains in engineering language how power to entire industrialized world could be turned off by hackers

3 thoughts on “Dangers to Entire Electric Grid!

  1. two and a half years ago I had 37 radiation treatments and they put a smart meter behind my bedroom wall a few days after they applied the meter Broke out with radiation burns on my body….I could not sleep in my bedroom for one year or so. every time after that I tried to reentered my room and my body was burning so badly that I had to leave agian

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