Dr David Carpenter to Testify in Michigan

By David Sheldon

 Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D., is a public health physician who founded the Institute for Health and the Environment at the State University of New York at Albany.  He is known around the world as one of the leading authorities on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on biological systems and is an outspoken critic of smart meters, wi-fi and the over proliferation of cell phone towers.  He has published in many peer reviewed journals and often been called to testify in court proceedings.

Dr. Carpenter has graciously agreed to be an expert witness for us in our Michigan efforts – both before the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and in the circuit court cases some of our members are now pursuing.  He has agreed to do this without a fee, asking only for reimbursement of any necessary travel expenses.  The MPSC testimony has already been submitted as written testimony under oath, but will require his in-person appearance for purposes of cross-examination.  We understand that in the circuit court cases, testimony can be given and cross examination taken by video conferencing.

As many of you know, the Michigan Court of Appeals granted an appeal brought by Michigan’s Attorney General and ABATE over an MPSC decision in 2010 that allowed Detroit Edison to charge back the cost of smart meters to their customers.  The appeals court said that decision was improper as there was no substantial record of evidence to support such a decision.  In remanding the case back to MPSC for a do-over, the appeals court specifically ordered MPSC to “consider the risks and burdens” of smart meter technology and the the customer response in other states.  Recently the Commission reopened general rate case U-15768 in order to comply with the remand order from the court.  This case, in theory, offers a far better forum for arguing the health effects and privacy violations than does the so called opt-out case.

Four of us petitioned to intervene in the reopened general rate case for the purpose of raising precisely those issues that were totally neglected in the original proceeding.  As previously reported on this site, we were all summarily denied intervener status on the flimsiest of pretexts by Administrative Law Judge Theresa Sheets.  In so ruling she was plainly defying the remand order from the appeals court.  Her decision is now under appeal to the Commission and, if necessary, to the appeals court which has retained jurisdiction of this case.  As matters now stand the issues the court ordered to be considered cannot now be considered since those who intervened in this case back in 2009 have lost their standing to raise issues of health or privacy, having waived them in the original proceeding.  Her purpose in denying us intervener status was, apparently, to maintain a closed shop where only the issues she wants to consider will be considered.  It is hard to believe that such a decision can long stand.

Notwithstanding this background I thought it best to try to get Dr. Carpenter’s testimony admitted to this most critical case – even while the question of our intervener status is still under review.  The MPSC has so far refused to post Dr. Carpenter’s testimony to the docket and will do their best to permanently suppress his testimony I am sure.  But all participants in this case have been served with the testimony, and if the MPSC proceeds with this case to completion while continuing to exclude the testimony, they will do so at their own risk, including the risk that their decision this time around will also be struck down and they may be ordered to do the case over a third time.

Click here to read Dr. Carpenter’s testimony for the MPSC case and his attached exhibits – including his testimony in the Wi-Fi lawsuit in federal court concerning the Portland Oregon school system.

Click here for list of persons served with Dr. Carpenter’s testimony.

2 thoughts on “Dr David Carpenter to Testify in Michigan

  1. Wonderful work Dr Carpenter,
    Wonderful work to all your supporters with Dr Carpenter. Time will show that these so-called Smart Meters not only had been, but still are Deadly To Human Life Animal and Insect Life and delicate creepers and all plant life. My local doctor is also aware of the real dangers of Smart Meters here in Victoria Australia. The world d is gradually awakening to the true dangers of these Sickness Causing and also Illegal Telephone Tapping and Snooping devices now world-wide.

    Would to God all these poisionous microwave devices were ripped out and replaced with the good old fashioned Analogue Passive Electric Meter with no harmful effects on man, beast or insects etc. Get rid of dopey microwave Smart Meters and Cell phones and deadly Microwave Towers as well all over Planet Earth, so that we can recover some long denied sensibility and a healthier and simpler less costly life style at long last.

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