Smart Meter Victory in Oakland County, Michigan

June 21st, 2012 – Oakland County, Michigan – Commissioners Support Smart Meter Refusal.  Today, on a unanimous consent vote, the 25 member Oakland County, Michigan, Board of Commissioners approved a resolution that supports the right of every utility customer to be able to opt-out of a ‘smart’ electric meter without cost or penalty.  The resolution also contains language calling for it to be forwarded to the Governor, the Attorney General, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), and the members of the legislature who represent Oakland County.  Our heartfelt thanks go to Commissioner James Runestad for proposing and spearheading this fine document, and to Christine Long and her General Government Committee that earlier held a very thorough and well run hearing on this where DTE was given its chance to defend its program and many citizens expressed their passionate support for the resolution to escape the DTE program.

One of the highlights of the “Public Comments” was an emotional talk by Dominic Cusumano, who spoke of the illness experienced by his wife soon after being exposed to a smart meter on their home in Addison Township.  He explained how this objectionable device had been installed on their home without their knowledge or consent, how he had demanded its removal, and how unresponsive the utility had been to their predicament.  Ultimately he stated that he had to remove the meter himself in self-defense.  For that he is being sued by the utility and is currently awaiting a decision from the Oakland County Circuit Court.  A video of his brief talk can be seen in the linked news story by Oakland Press.

We understand that, just before the public session of the Commission, there was an apparently desperate (but unsuccessful) last minute effort by DTE representatives to lobby Commissioners not to do this.   When the public session began, the Runestad resolution was on the “Consent Agenda” and it quickly became apparent that there was not a single Commissioner asking it to be removed to the “Regular Agenda” where it might have been debated and a roll call vote taken.  About 20 citizens had come to this Commission meeting prepared to speak for the resolution during “Public Comments”.  When it became apparent the resolution had already passed, most used their time at the microphone to thank the Commission for doing the right thing.

None of the above events would have been possible but for the climate of opinion created in southeastern Michigan.  This foundation was developed by the efforts of many individuals.  I would love to name them here but am concerned that in remembering some, I might overlook others.

Two who must be singled out were John and Pauline Holeton, whose efforts for this cause were tireless!  These two went from city council to city council, many times driving an hour or more each way to go to a meeting where they were only allowed to speak for 3 minutes during “Public Comments”.  Often they were able to persuade others to go with them and also speak for 3 minutes.

At first John and Pauline faced an almost impossibly uphill battle, but gradually, little by little, their efforts began to bear fruit.  They distributed thousands of DVDs.  In time others joined in to help until the effort snowballed into what we saw today.

Before today’s action, twenty-one units of local government had passed resolutions urging caution in the rush to deploy smart meters, calling for investigation of the health and privacy effects, and supporting the right of citizens to ‘opt-out’.  As a result of these local government actions the Michigan Public Service Commission opened an investigation in January.  A report on that investigation is due out next week.

There are now two bills pending in the state legislature which would give citizens the right to opt-out, proposed by representatives McMillin and Opsommer, who also deserve our heartfelt thanks.  While these bills are currently languishing in the House Energy Committee, it is to be hoped that today’s action by Oakland County will help to move them along.  The utilities in this state have had too sweet a deal in Lansing for too long.  It is surely time to change that!

Click here for text of resolution.

Click here for news story in Oakland Press with video.

15 thoughts on “Smart Meter Victory in Oakland County, Michigan

  1. I need some advice pretty quickly. I have been declining the installation of a smart meter and called dte two times now. I have patiently and quietly explained that I get severe migraine headaches and that ever since my neighbor next door had hers installed my headaches have been more severe and frequent. I have been told that there are only two options available to me to have their smart meter with the transmitter turned on or turned off. Both would be the smart meters they talk about and the other would cost me what I consider to be an unreasonable option of paying them to not participate. I offered to send in a postcard every month with the meter reading on it like we used to do in the old days and it was refused. What can I do now before they install something against my will,

  2. We just had a notice yesterday about their installation to come her in Redford Township Michigan.I’ve tried to contact att.general in Lansing.Waiting for a reply from them.I hope this will be helpful I hope they can be stopped before new meters are installed

  3. What is stopping us occupying Smart meter Utility companies? We have done it for wall street.
    Mahathma Gandhi got freedom to the people of India with just and by non-violent protest all over the country. A strong-willed, small stature Gandih shook the then mighty British Empire without raising his hand in violence, He did not have telephone, did not have internet to bring all his countymen together. He walked acroos that big country by foot and made salt from sea water just to tell the Empire we are breaking your law and shouted with one single voice “QUIT INDIA” .His call “QUIT INIDA” became a slogan, last blow to Brithsh rule.
    Now, we have modern facilities that Gandhi did not have. we have phone, Internet, high-speed transportaiton. We can implement non-violent protest agains these Utility companies all over the world by occupying them.
    Non-violence should be our tourch, other wise we may become as one of those troubled countires in Middle east.
    Let us do it.

    • Chandra,

      I much agree with the idea of “non-violent protest”. The issue I would have is whether occupying buildings or other private property is really non-violent. Depends on your definition of violence. I hope others will jump into this with specific ideas as to what form a non violent protest might take.

    • Dear Dave,
      Thanks for your prompt reply, it’s much appreciated. If these Smart Meter Installer Men at the behest of their bosses and the Electric Power Company are still forcing or trying to force these Smart Meters …….Microwave Smart Meters on you good people, then all one can do is to get in quick as many thousands of us here in Victoria Australia have been and stil are continuing to do and securely padlock our Electric Meter Boxes which we own, and not the Electric Power Companies to stop our safe and passive Analog Meters from being stolen.

      We here in Victoria have also put up our Legal Anti-Trespass Signs which we have laminated to keep out the water and we put one of these signs, firmly affixed to our front gate or front fence and the other on our Electric Meter Box Lid.
      We always padlock the Meter Box first as just the signs alone will not stop the Smart Meter Installer Men from ripping our signs to pieces and forcing the Smart
      Meters onto private and small businesses properties if the Electric Meter Box is not firmly padlocked.
      I can only suggest that the only way we have found so far that seems to work is in the above method.
      I and thousands of us have hand-delivered letters with our Local Police who know of our plight. These police have told me that if the Smart Meter Installer Men were so foolish as to threaten or to actually smash or force our padlocks to attempt to install a Smart Meter we must phone our police who will come up and arrest these malefactors. If these Smart Meter Installer Men did actually smash our padlocks and force a Smart Meter on our individual properties then the police would deal with that too, by going to the C.E.O of that particular Electric Power Companies Chief of the Contracted Smart Meter Installers and arrest him.
      The reason for the police arresting these malefactors then, would be that these Smart Meter Installer Men broke the law, in firstly trespassing on our private property and secondly committing a gross act of Breaking And Entering
      This is all the news I have at present. Hope it helps.


      Richard Leschen.

    • carol ann, Please watch the Jerry Day video at this link (on our website): “”. The video covers safety precautions, prudent ways to deal with your utility and provides you with a source where you can buy the analog meter.

      • Hi Dave,

        Dear Readers,
        Here in Victoria Australia the so-called Smart Meters are still mandatory,unlike in Holland and England where they are now optional owing to a major change in The Law of both these countries. The word Mandatory seems to make a lot of people think this makes it the LAW, in that they have to accept these now proving to be very dangerous to humans and animals and all forms of life, yes even dangerous to plant life now with many trees leaves suffering damage from the poisonous EMF radiation. Now there is being found much damage to many trees’ bark or outer casing of many trees close to these accursed Microwave Towers and outgrowths on the bark or blister-like materials upon these trees trunks, which had never been there before the Microwave Towers were erected.

        The word Mandatory…………..Oxford Dictionary really only means a ruling but a ruling or edict may not actually be LAWFUL. In this case as the Microwave Smart Meters have never actually been the LAW as they were never voted into LAW in both Victorian Houses of Parliament in Australia when Labour was in power and nor have these accursed machines been yet voted into LAW with this new Liberal Victorian Government now in power. Therefore the so-called Smart Meters are strictly ILLEGAL. Therefore those of us who are aware of these facts are locking up our Electricity boxes with stout padlocks and have had them locked for many months to stop these Smart Meter Installer Men from stealing our perfectly safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.

      • Richard,

        Good to hear from you again! Actually the meters are not really legal here in Michigan either since the “tariff” which is the contract for utility customers approved by our regulatory body, contains no reference to ‘smart meters’ and actually does say all advanced meters are to be installed only at customer request. But they are forcing them on everyone just the same.

  4. Thanks for the quick reply
    Should I talk to DTE to replace my smart meter , or that would go no where?
    Also I heard that sometimes they switch the smart meter to an analog model that still sends data. What are people doing in Michigan with existing smart meters.


    • I would not suggest you “talk” to them. Nobody who has done that has gotten anything but a run around. I would suggest you send them a demand that the meter be removed and replaced with an analog meter. Give them a reasonable time to do this – say 14 days or 21 days – and indicate if the job is not done within that time frame that you will replace the meter yourself. You have every right to do so in defense of your home, your privacy and your health.

  5. Smart Meters = Beware and get smart about the destruction invading your way of life,health, and freedom. The efforts of ALL Americans need to STAND with the voices and victories that will accumulate into the VICTORY of BANNING this technology globally. It is unacceptable for Government to silence this suffering.We the People will not be silenced about this and many other atrocities that threaten our planet any longer. We may begin as a few in some states BELEIVE our sister states will support us with the giant steps they have endured for our welfare.Those of us still awaiting action by our Maine state(courts) and local Government offices ThankYou tremendously(John & Pauline),& Michigan Government for the conscious decisions that God Blessed you to have ears to hear AMEN

  6. Great news to us in Wisconsin! We have far to go, but have a legislator “smart meter opt out” packet ready online for people to distribute to their WI state senators/representatives.

    Just curious if you’ve also got RF transmitting gas and/or water meters. That’s also a problem here.

  7. It’s good news hearing we can resolve the Smart Meter problem that has been forced upon us without our knowledge.
    It destroys our Health and invades our privacy. Too much Big Brother works going on to control our lives. Thank you for all who are helping the residents and especially Tom McMillin.

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