Shelby Township Passes ‘Smart’ Meter Resolution

August 16th, 2011 – The Board of Trustees of Shelby Township, Michigan unanimously passed a resolution to the Michigan Public Utilities Commission (MPSC), asking that state regulatory body to “perform a careful analysis of the potential health and safety effects which may result from the universal installation of smart meters for electric and gas utilities.”

At the time the resolution passed no mass deployment of the ‘smart’ meters had yet happened in the township.  The resolution further calls for a delay in deployment of the meters pending conclusion of the above analysis.  Much of the language echos that of the Oak Park resolution reported earlier, except that this one also adds a specific request that the MPSC “perform a careful analysis of the potential privacy issues regarding available and future ‘smart meter’ technology.

This resolution came about as a result of months of persuasion at meetings of the Board by residents of Shelby Township and other citizens of Macomb County, Michigan who complained of the “no opt-out policy” announced by the electric utility Detroit Edison (DTE).

Many citizens felt that Shelby Township Board should have taken stronger action such as a moratorium or ordinance banning the new meters.

Full text of the resolution can be found here:
Shelby Township resolution

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